Red 3/16" Large Head Exploding Banana Peel Back Rivets 100 pack

Red 3/16" Large Head Exploding Banana Peel Back Rivets 100 pack

Red 3/16" Large Head Exploding Banana Peel Back Rivets 100 pack

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Quick Overview

Large Head Aluminum Body Exploder Banana Peel Back Pop Rivet 3/16"
California Proposition 65 No
Brand Edge Performance Products
Country of Origin No
Color Red
Diameter 3/16"
Truck Freight ONLY No
Hazardous Material N
State Restrictions No
Air Restricted No
Notes No

Shipping Weight: 12.80 oz

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This Banana Peel Back Rivet is a real time saver for many repair jobs and only requires one person. Unlike standard pop rivets, these 'blind' rivets do not require a backup washer.

1.) Works in over-sized, oblong and worn out holes up to 1/4″
2.) Tight clamp-up and holding power, from 1/8″ to 9/16″ with stronger clamping power.
3.) NO back-up washer needed. The banana type peeling action will clamp without needing a back up washer.
4.) These rivets will work with any functioning blind rivet setting tool.
5.) The unique peeling action pulls multiple layers of application together from the extreme back end of the rivet. Unlike other “exploding” rivets which only pull from the middle of the rivets length and often don’t clamp multiple sheets tight.

These banana peel back exploding rivets are often used in applications where the holes have either become oval or just too big for standard 3/16″ diameter rivets. When the tool pulls the mandrel or nail, the head of the nail begins spliting, then pedaling back the rivet body just like you would commonly peel a banana. While the four pedals peel, they spread out and pull down the backside materials to form a tight, pulled together application that won’t come loose too easily due to the stronger pulling power of this rivet’s nail. Good selection for fastening fiberglass, sheet metal and many other materials.

Our Banana Peel Back Rivets have four legs that peel back to provide a far superior hold, unlike most split rivets that have only two legs.

3/16" hole size.

Grip Range: 1/4" to 1/2"

Box of 100